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5 Reasons You Should Buy Your Manual Wheelchairs from DMG Medical Supplies Stores

DMG Manual Wheelchairs

Why you should have to purchase Manual Wheelchairs from DMG Medical Supply!

The human world is filled with challenges. To some, the concern is a home or food; to others, it is the desire to engage in an activity. Experience had however shown that two among the most evident constraint for humans to engage in social activity is adulthood and disability. While disability could at best suggest the inability of an organ of the body to function to the best of its ability, aging on its part suggests a general weakening of the system as a result of prolonged usage. When disability or illnesses impair the inability of a man or woman to move around on their legs, the use of a wheelchair for conveying such an individual thus becomes inevitable.

Are Manual Wheelchairs Better Than Power Wheelchairs?

Both manual and power wheelchairs are good. Manual wheelchair however has specific cost and usage advantages among which includes the following:DMG Manual Wheelchair

  • Low Cost: – From overall price consideration, you don’t have to be a high-income earner in other to purchase a manual wheelchair for your loved one.
  • Best for Emergency Use: – when an individual collapse and they are rushed to a hospital, getting the patient to drive himself as permitted by a power wheelchair might become quite impossible. A manual wheelchair thus becomes the best option for wheeling such individuals into the ward for quick and immediate attention.
  • Best for Paralysis Patients and Elderly Ones: – the lack of mobility had been adjudged as the greatest cause of sore for most elderly people and patients of severe stroke. The non-availability of movement often weakens the flesh around the part of the body with which the individual rests its body.

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What this transforms into is the development of sore which if not duly addressed can get infected and threaten the patient’s life. It is for this however that the manual wheelchair becomes a preferred option as it allows disabled and elderly people to have a feel of life outside their home without necessarily stressing their body parts. All they need do is sit in a wheelchair while someone pushes them from the rear.

Why You Should Consider DMG Manual Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs; like shoes and bags, abound everywhere. A study report even confirmed a 2million yearly increase in the number of wheelchair users across the United States. This study attributed to the aging nature of those in the baby boomers generation. With these increases also comes increasing complaints regarding the wear and tear vulnerability of most substandard manual wheelchairs that had proliferated the market in recent times. The solution to this however explains the motivation behind the durable manual wheelchairs across the DMG Medical Supplies outlets nationwide. Below however are 5 reasons you should be your manual wheelchair from DMG Medical Supplies:DMG Manual Wheelchairs

  • High-Quality that guarantees durability and longevity.
  • Very Affordable and offer the best return on use-value.
  • Available in Varieties which include Standard, Bariatric, Reclining, Transport among others.
  • Availability of Accessories such that damaged parts after usage for years can still be replaced without necessarily buying a new wheelchair.
  • Warranty on Sale as evidence of product quality and durability.
  • Fast and Reliable Shipping that makes delivery of ordered wheelchair to the buyer timely.
  • Sell in Wholesale thereby making a bulk order for hospitals and other medical associations and bodies possible.

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