How to Choose the Right Wound Care Dressing?

Wounds exist in many forms from cuts, to burns, to abrasions and we as humans are prone to wounds at any time. The treatment of a wound involves a complex yet delicate process, the success of which relies on the quality of its dressing.

Wound healing consists of three phases:

Recent advances in exudate management technology have uncovered ways to optimize the environment surrounding a wound during the proliferative phase.

During this phase there are two extrinsic factors that can hinder the healing process: maceration and infection Maceration is present where skin has maintained too much contact with moisture. During maceration, the production of epithelial cells is prevented, causing the skin to break down and the wound to stay open.

This allows microorganisms to contaminate the site, causing infection and delaying the healing process. For this reason, clinicians must select an appropriate dressing that will keep the wound dry enough to prevent maceration but moist enough to promote healing.

DMG Medical Supplies provides a dressing suitable for an array of wounds including:

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